Author: Taufiq

Pelajaran yang Bisa Dipetik di 4 Tahun Pertama Terjun di Bursa Saham

Bulan Januari ini, terhitung 4 tahun sudah saya terjun di Bursa Efek Indonesia sejak bulan Januari 2016. Niat pertama adalah, sama seperti mungkin nyaris semua investor saham di dunia, untuk menggapai kebebasan finansial. Karena saya tahu, penghasilan saya di pekerjaan saya yang sekarang ini, tidak cukup banyak untuk bisa langsung membeli rumah, atau bikin usaha, […]

Sawit Indonesia

Budidaya kelapa sawit adalah salah satu penggerak ekonomi utama di Indonesia. Lebih dari 15 juta rakyat Indonesia menggantungkan mata pencahariaannya pada industri minyak sawit, baik sebagai petani dengan lahan kecil, maupun sebagai pekerja pada perusahaan sawit besar. Indonesia mulai menjadi produsen minyak sawit terbesar di dunia sejak tahun 2006, mengungguli Malaysia. Indonesia memproduksi 35 juta […]

Salah Sasaran Pinjaman Lunak

Sejak pertama kali buka rekening bank setelah lulus kuliah, sering sekali saya dapat telpon dari penawaran dari bank yang macam-macam. Mulai dari tabungan berjangka, asuransi, kartu kredit, sampai pinjaman tanpa agunan. Yang terakhir ini belakangan bisa dibilang sangat sering sekali, dan cuma bukan dari satu bank. Berhubung planning saya belum matang sekali untuk buka usaha, […]

Begin Again

I gave up hope Was dead inside Stayed lost within a world I chose to hide Then I found my faith in him And now I can Begin again I once believed Our fate was sealed But now at last, the truth has been revealed In an instant Life could change And now and then […]

For the Future. Part 2

Last year I took a deciding decision. Before I took that decision, I had very bad days run, I could not think clearly. And I make a plan to escape from that, the plan that looks pretty beautiful at that time. But I made this plan more with emotion than with logical thinking. And after […]

My Jihad

It’s already some years from some events that happened in my life. You know, in every place that you have been, they will make distinct impressions. Maybe some years ago I feel about that, but here right now, not so completely different but you know that they have the same root, the same cause. Sometimes […]


Welcomed in herds
Worked, whipped like a horse
Feed of leftover
Treated like a waste
In the same time,
Commended like a warrior
High words
Heroic songs
Up to the sky
Proved everything,
Talk is cheap
Do, is hard
As long as we, I, realize
Attitude, of gr…

Sequence VII: Lighthouse

And where will we be tomorrow If we do not leave today? The more we wait for things to change The more they stay the same And the more they stay the same We change With all the floodgates opened Walls of water at our heels Where do we go from here? Where we will […]

All of My Angst. Part 2

The human race, generally and normally, has three primary needs to live and survive on this earth, which is food, cloth, and house. Then secondary needs, which could vary depend on the condition. Then tertiary, more specifically depends on the human behaviour themselves. When the situation and condition is stable and get better over time, […]

Drop the Six

When I was in highschool, I got accidentally tripped to metal music. Not really joined the scene though, I dug into the culture. I observed that many of its subgenre use astrological and mythological theme. Out one of many theme, I found that number 666 was show up very very frequently. It appear on the […]