Month: June 2017

Rindu Social Media yang Dulu

Gegap gempita berita politik dan juga hal-hal terkait agama, menjadi posting mayoritas di berbagai social media beberapa tahun terakhir ini. Tak ketinggalan berita-berita hoax yang terkait dengan kedual hal tersebut pun menjamur dan tidak terbendung. Begitu reaktif para netizen mengomentari maupun sharing berita maupun tulisan yang terkait dengan politik dan agama. Tanpa disadari pun, kedua […]

Begin Again

I gave up hope Was dead inside Stayed lost within a world I chose to hide Then I found my faith in him And now I can Begin again I once believed Our fate was sealed But now at last, the truth has been revealed In an instant Life could change And now and then […]

For the Future. Part 2

Last year I took a deciding decision. Before I took that decision, I had very bad days run, I could not think clearly. And I make a plan to escape from that, the plan that looks pretty beautiful at that time. But I made this plan more with emotion than with logical thinking. And after […]

My Jihad

It’s already some years from some events that happened in my life. You know, in every place that you have been, they will make distinct impressions. Maybe some years ago I feel about that, but here right now, not so completely different but you know that they have the same root, the same cause. Sometimes […]


Sudah setengah tahun berjalan di 2017 ini, dan belum ada satupun posting baru di tahun ini.